UJF-7151 plus

High Quality & High Performance

“UJF-7151 plus” is a “high performance UV Inkjet printer” that enables high-precision ink dot placement and beautiful printing through Mimaki’s proprietary technology and top-level productivity.

UJF-7151 plus

UJF-7151 plus

  • Mechanical structure for high-precision printing

  • Mimaki’s superior print-image quality control technology

  • Maximum 3.3m2/h productivity*
    *Print conditions:600 × 600 dpi; 8 Pass

  • Uninterrupted printing solutions

Production Example of UJF-7151 plus

*Click to view larger image.

UJF-7151 plus: 3D lenticular   UJF-7151 plus: Nameplate (Full-color)   UJF-7151 plus: Nameplate (Etching)   UJF-7151 plus: Card
3D lenticular   Nameplate (Full-color)   Nameplate (Etching)   Card
UJF-7151 plus: Membrane switch   UJF-7151 plus: Photo album   UJF-7151 plus: Wedding board   UJF-7151 plus: Gift & novelty
Membrane switch   Photo album   Wedding board   Gift & novelty

UJF-7151 plus Catalog (4.7MB)pdf file


UJF-7151 plus Maximum print area: 710 x 510 mm (28 x 20")
RRP (Ex GST) AU$69,995
*Delivery and installation not included in price

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