FineCut9 for CorelDRAW

Further enhancing the potentiality of Cutting Plotter.
Plug-in software "FineCut9 for CorelDRAW®" responding to highly sophisticated design needs.

What is FineCut9?

This is a plug-in software that is able to do design, creation of cutting data and its output to a cutting plotter from inside CorelDRAW®.

Compatible with CorelDRAW®
Graphics Suite​​​ X7/X8/2017/2018/2019
Technical Suite X7/2017/2018/2019
*CorelDRAW in Macintosh version is not supported.

New Functions of FineCut9

It supports output to laser engraving machines of other manufacturers.

Mimaki's cutting users can use such laser engraving machines, in the same manner that they operate their own plotter they usually use.

FineCut9 for CorelDRAW

Customers who using the CorelDRAW other than the operating environment of FineCut9

FineCut9 cannot be used by customers using following CorelDRAW.
・CorelDRAW® Graphics Suite 11/12/X3/X4/X5/X6
・CorelDRAW® Technical Suite X6

Download FineCut 8.9.0 from this page.
*New and improved functions in FineCut9 cannot be used.

Installation of FineCut9

For FineCut9, its software provision has been changed to a downloadable type from CD-based software provision in version 8 or below.

Downloadable product (package/upgrade/standard accessory/bundled software version)
Minor version upgrade from FineCut9

This product is available from Mimaki's website by downloading it online, following which you should enter the serial key.

Downloadable product (package/upgrade/standard accessory/bundled software version) and Minor version upgrade from FineCut9

Upgrade from a previous version

This product can be used after obtaining and entering the serial key for FineCut9 by means of a tool that authorizes a previous FineCut CD.
* If you have FineCut product CD-ROM, you can upgrade to FineCut9 with free of charge.
  Serial authentication procedure

Upgrade from a previous version

For Illustrator user

FineCut9 for Illustrator Product page

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