ArtiosCAD Designer Solution [End of sale]

Easy Designing - Packaging design in five minutes -

Packaging design

ArtiosCAD Designer Solution (ArtiosCAD DS) is the dedicated Mimaki version of ArtiosCAD, which is the most widely used packaging design CAD software.
The ArtiosCAD DS offers hundreds of package designs that can be built easily by a designer who has never used CAD software.

◎Product outlines

OGPS(Original Goods Package System)
  • Dedicated software product line based on world-standard design software
  • Simple packaging design by selecting from 400 package templates
  • The guide function allows the creation of custom designs without using the templates
  • Total solution OGPS for on-demand production

Standard package styles from the catalog

A wide range of packages can be created with a combination of ArtiosCAD DS and CFL-605RT. The CFL-605RT shortens the production time with its quick cutting and creasing capabilities. Here are some package samples created using the styles listed in the catalog.
* Length(L), Width(W), Depth(D)

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ArtiosCAD Designer Solution Catalog (1.08MB)pdf file

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