Technical support page for Mimaki products including FAQs or OS/SW compatibility with our software products.

Service Support Programs

We offer 4 types of Product Service Support Programs and information is available on request.

Standard warranty:

Cutting plotter two (2) years after installation.
Inkjet Printer one (1) year after installation.

Installation Report need to submit in advance to have warranty.

Total Support and Extended Warranty for Mimaki Products:

Mimaki Australia is offering 2 extended warranty programs. Available anytime for purchase from Mimaki Dealers before the Product Standard Warranty expires.
The aim of these programs is to make it more affordable for customers to maintain their Mimaki Printers. Optimum Product performance is maintained with the scheduled Preventive Maintenance. Customers will also have downtime reduced and no unexpected costly repair.

  • The Total Support Warranties
    include, at no additional cost to the Enduser other than the fee specified in clause 3.3:
     (i) onsite repair services with labour and parts;
     (ii) engineering hardware updates;
     (iii) firmware and Software maintenance updates; and
     (iv) preventive maintenance carried out on the following timing after expiration of the Standard Warranty Period:
      (A) 1Year Total Support – 12th month; and
      (B) 2Years Total Support – 12th and 24th months.

  • Parts Warranty
    (a) The Parts Warranty is available to the JV150, the CJV150 and the CJV300 Series.
    (b) The duration for the Parts Warranty will be two (2) years from the expiry date of the Standard Warranty Period. All claims under the Parts Warranty must be received and approved by Mimaki Australia.
    (c) The Parts Warranty includes:
     (i) all parts excluding consumable items
     (ii) all labour costs including travel and expenses are chargeable.
     (iii) preventative maintenance carried out on the 12th and 24th month after installation is chargeable.

Out of warranty:

Customers may receive services from Mimaki Australia on a “Pay as you go” basis.

Outline of Product Service Support Programs

Since January 1st, Product Support fee is below.

Travel inside
the Metropolitan
Travel outside
the Metropolitan
(15 minutes travel
(labor and PM
Standard Warranty
(12 months)
Included Included Included $75/h +
Actual Expense
Actual Expense
Extended Warranty
(24 months after
Standard Warranty)
Included Included Included $75/h +
Actual Expense
Actual Expense
(12th&24th month)
Total Support
(24 months after
Standard Warranty)
Included Included Included $75/h +
Actual Expense
(12th&24th month)
Out of Warranty Actual cost $200/h +
Half hour
$150 $150+$75/h +
Actual Expense
Actual Expense

* Actual Expense includes flight, accommodation, taxi /rental car etc. All prices are ex GST.

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