JFX200-2513EX - LED UV Best in Class - WHY?


JFX200-2513EX ultimate entry model that combines high-value-added print and high productivity.

TOP 5 Features:

High Productivity:

The newly developed head unit is adopted to enable production without reducing speed even in white & colour simultaneous printing. This has increased the productivity 200%(*1) compared to the "JFX200-2513" by resolution. *1 Comparison made between JFX200-2513 at Hi-Speed mode (12.5m2/h :134.5 sq. ft/h) and JFX200-2513 EX at Hi-Speed mode (25m2/h :269.0 sq. ft/h) / (4C + Spot Color, 300x450dpi, 12P, Bi, Nor) vs (4C/4C + Spot Color, 300x450dpi, 6P, Bi, Nor)


High value-added print - 2.5D Texture Maker:

The "JFX200-2513 EX" allows you to create semi-stereoscopic 2.5D print data for stepped layers that are sized differently, simply by common Illustrator/Photoshop operations and RasterLink6Plus (standard accessory). Using the "2.5D Texture Maker (*2)" enables simple, smooth, semi-stereoscopic 2.5D print such as interior materials with printed bricks and woodgrain texture, an elevation of thick ink of an oil painting and embossed letters of signage, of which texture entices you to touch.

2.5D Texture Maker Samples Videos:


JFX200-2513EX Product Information

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