UJF-6042MKII (3 Year Limited Warranty Offer)

UJF-6042MKII 3 Year Limited Warranty
(including Ink-Stand-Ionizer-Install-Training-Delivery)!

Strictly limited time offer.

Supports A2 size & 153 mm height. UJF-6042MkII is advanced flatbed UV-curable inkjet printer that create high-value-added product, achieve superior productivity and print quality, and have a greater ability to accommodate a wide range of application.

With 1 Year Standard Warranty plus * Additional 2 Year Parts Only Warranty * To be eligible for the Additional 2 Year Parts Warranty, the End-user must at its own cost procure Preventive Maintenance on 12th and 24th month after installation. For further information, please refer to the Mimaki Australia Product Warranty https://www.mimakiaus.com.au/support/product-warranty.html

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