Newly Released "CG-AR Series" Cutting Plotters: "Stay sharp" More profit per cut


Newly Released "CG-AR Series" Cutting Plotters
- Providing new levels of cost performance, cutting performance, and usability -
"Stay sharp" More profit per cut

CG-AR Series | Roll to Roll Cutting Plotters

CG-AR Series | Product Information

Nagano, Japan, February 24, 2022

Mimaki Engineering Co., Ltd. (Head office: Tohmi-shi, Nagano, President: Kazuaki Ikeda), specializing in industrial inkjet printers, cutting plotters and 3D printers, announces the release of new cutting plotters in three sizes with different cuttable areas: "CG-60AR (cuttable area: 606 mm width)", "CG-100AR (cuttable area: 1,070 mm width)", and "CG-130AR (cuttable area: 1,370 mm width)".

For more than 30 years since 1988 of the release of the CG Series of high-accuracy cutting plotters for the signage industry we have been highly evaluated by customers around the world. As more jobs require shorter delivery times, we have received various requests such as speedy and accurate cutting of more diversified materials and beginner-friendly operability.

The "CG-AR Series" to be released this time are the reasonably-priced latest cutting plotters of entry-model with improved usability, combining more advanced cutting performance and the ability to handle a wide range of cutting materials.

The highest cutting pressure in its class of 550g and a cutting speed 105% compared with our conventional product*1 have been achieved as the basic performance. By the increasing of 50 g of cutting pressure allowing the cutting of a wider range of materials, including PVC, fluorescent and reflective sheets, and rubber sheets. Also, CG-AR Series are now capable of full cutting of cardboard. Using the dedicated optional products*2, they can produce high-quality cutouts from plain paper to cardboard, and an additional line-marking gauge enables a fold line making. These features help to create paper crafts and packages that could not be produced with the conventional models and expand not only the range of processable materials but also the range of applications.

We have also added a function that focuses on "usability" so that a variety of customers can use these products. Now that they support Windows plotter drivers, it will be easy to output data to the cutting plotter. You can send data directly from Microsoft Word, for example, without using design software such as Adobe Illustrator*3, to perform cutting. This allows you to cut and plot text and graphics easily, just like outputting them with a general office printer.*4

Moreover, support for "Mimaki Remote Access (MRA)" allows the operator to remotely use the machine and check its operation status. It would be possible through smartphone*5 or PC in the same segment network environment to operate the machine's panel, check errors, and operational status of cutting progress etc. By running a cutting plotter from a distance without worry, the customer is provided with their desired working environment.

Also, a feature "ID Cut function" newly applied in the entry-level model further improves usability.*6  This function is used to perform Print & Cut efficiently by cooperation with Mimaki printers. By reading the printed register mark with ID, the data contained in the ID is automatically cut. Data transmission from the PC is completed with one-time operation, and once you set the printed sheet on the cutting plotter, cutting is completed automatically. Though being an entry-level model, it has achieved a cost performance that even enables unattended operation.

This selectable "usability" not available in the previous series allows a wide range of customers to build an efficient output system.

This "CG-AR Series" cutting plotter delivers overwhelming cost performance to further support your business as an entry-level model that is easy to use by both existing and new users of cutting plotters and goes beyond the normal functional limits. The product suitable for a wide range of applications such as car wrapping, wall decoration, paper crafting, and packaging, in addition to signage applications such as stickers, labels, POP, and signs will be released worldwide in April 2022.

With "Something New, Something Different" as our management vision, Mimaki Engineering will continue to push forward as an innovative company creating new value for our customers.

*1 CG-SRIII Series
*2 The Sheet table, cutting sheet, blade for heavy paper and creasing tool are optional items.
*3 Company names and product names mentioned herein are trademarks or registered trademarks of the respective companies.
*4 Please use the "FineCut/Coat9" plug-in cutting software to use detailed functions such as cut order control and cutting with register marks.
*5 Available to iPhone (Android is scheduled to apply in later time.)
*6 To use the ID Cut function, a Mimaki printer of JV330 Series, JV300 Plus Series and JV/UJV100 Series is required.


  • Best-in-class cutting pressure of 550 g for a wider range of cuttable materials
  • The maximum cutting speed has improved to 105% of the conventional machine, delivering higher productivity
  • Optional products for cutting cardboard can be added to support the production of packages up to A3 size
  • Supporting for Windows plotter drivers to allow you to cut without the need for dedicated software
  • "Mimaki Remote Access (MRA)" enables to check the machine operation status and operate the panel from a distance

Main features

1. Best-in-class cutting pressure of 550 g and the speed improved to 105% of the conventional model

The cutting pressure can be selected from 10 g to 550 g, and three types of cutting are possible: normal cutting, full cutting, and half cutting. The machine can cut a wide variety of materials, including PVC, fluorescent and reflective sheets, and rubber sheets.

CG-AR Series: Normal cutting / Full cutting / Half cutting

2. Optional products for cutting cardboard can be added to produce packages up to A3 size

CG-AR Series are now capable of producing high-quality cutouts from plain paper to cardboard with the use of optional products for cardboard cutting, such as a “Sheet table”, “Cutting sheet”, “Blade for heavy paper” and “Creasing tool”. With the CG-AR Series, you can produce paper crafts and packages.

Examples of production

CG-AR Series Examples of production: Paper craft / Package

3. Support for Windows plotter drivers allows you to cut without the need for dedicated software

With use of familiar software such as Microsoft Word/Excel/PowerPoint, cutting is now as easy as feeling like outputting from a general office printer.

CG-AR Series: Support for Windows plotter drivers allows you to cut without the need for dedicated software

4. "ID Cut function" provided for efficient Print & Cut

By printing RasterLink7’s data identification ID at the time of printing, the machine can automatically read the cut data from the printed ID at the time of cutting to start cutting. The operator, who used to manually scan register marks for each cut data and specify the cut data, can now use the "ID Cut function" for unmanned continuous cutting even with different data. While the machine is cutting, the operator can proceed with another operation simultaneously.

CG-AR Series: ID Cut function

5. "Mimaki Remote Access (MRA)" enables wireless hardware operations

It is now possible to check the status of the cutting plotter remotely from your smartphone*5 or PC. This function enables operators to check the operation status of the machine and to operate the panel from a distance, allowing them to work more efficiently.

CG-AR Series: "Mimaki Remote Access (MRA)" enables wireless hardware operations


Acceptable sheet width 90 - 740 mm
(3.5 - 29.1")
90 - 1,250 mm
(3.5 - 49.2")
90 - 1,550 mm
(3.5 - 61.0")
Effective cutting area *7 606 mm × 51 m (23.9" x 167.3') 1,070 mm × 51 m (42.1" x 167.3') 1,370 mm × 51 m (53.9" x 167.3')
Maximum speed Cutting: 73 cm/s (28.7"/s), Moving at 45° direction: 103 cm/s (40.5"/s)
Adjustable speed range 1 - 10 cm/s (1 cm/s step adjustment): 0.4 - 3.9"/s (0.4"/s step adjustment)
10 - 73 cm/s (5 cm/s step adjustment): 4.0 - 28.7"/s (2.0"/s step adjustment)
Mechanical resolution X direction: 2.5 μm, Y direction: 5 μm
Command resolution 25 μm, 10μm(MGL-IIc) / 100 μm, 50 μm(MGL-Ic1)
Repeatability *8 ± 0.2 mm / 2 m
Effective Repeatability 586 mm × 2 m 1,050 mm × 2 m 1,350 mm × 2 m
Maximum pressure 550g
Settable pressureCutter 10 - 20 g (2 g step), 20 - 100 g (5 g step), 100 - 550g (10g step)
Pen 10 - 20 g (2 g step), 20 - 100 g (5 g step), 100 - 150g (10 g step)
Creasing tool 10 - 20 g (2 g step), 20 - 100 g (5 g step), 100 - 550g (10g step)
Acceptable sheet
*9 *10
PVC, Rubber sheet, Fluorescent sheet, Reflective sheet,
Cardboard (used in combination with an optional sheet table)
Acceptable tool *11 Eccentric cutter, Commercially available ball-point pen and Creasing tool
Type of command MGL-IIc / MGL-Ic1
Interface USB, RS-232C, Ethernet
Receiver buffer size About 27 MB as standard (17 MB when sorting is effective)
Operational environment Temperature: 5 - 35 degC (41 - 95 degF),
Humidity: 35 - 75 % Rh (Non-condensing)
Power supply AC 100 V - 240 V 1A 50/60Hz
Power consumption 168W or less 228W or less
Dimensions(W×D×H) 1,010 × 355 × 355 mm
(39.8 × 14.0 × 14.0")
1,010 × 580 × 1,160 mm *12
(39.8 × 22.8 × 45.7") *12
1,510 × 580 × 1,160 mm
(59.4 × 22.8 × 45.7")
1,810 × 580 × 1,160 mm
(71.3 × 22.8 × 45.7")
Weight 17kg (37.5 lb)
27kg (59.5 lb) *12
35kg (77.2 lb) 43kg (94.8 lb)
Stand Options Standard equipment

*7 There is a limit to the maximum feed length depending on the software used.
*8 For detailed conditions of repetition accuracy, please refer to the operation manual.
*9 Please use a dedicated blade for cutting fluorescent sheet and reflective sheet.
*10 Thick cardboard may degrade the quality and accuracy of the cut.
*11 Use a commercially available ball-point pen with dia. 8-9 mm and without protrusion nor taper on the clamp position.
*12 When equipped with the optional stand.
*13 Specifications, designs, dimensions, and other information described in this document are subject to change without notice due to technical improvement etc.

About Mimaki Engineering Co., Ltd.

Mimaki Engineering develops, manufactures, sales, and maintains industrial inkjet printers, cutting plotters, 3D printers, inks, and software. By providing total solutions for the printing process for the sign graphics, industrial products, and textile apparel markets, we aim to be an innovator that constantly delivers "Something New, Something Different" to our customers.
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