Mimaki introduces Compact Flatbed Cutting Plotter CFL-605RT


Compact Flatbed Cutting Plotter

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Mimaki Engineering Co., Ltd., a global industry leader and manufacturer of wide-format inkjet printers and cutting plotters, announced today that it will launch a new compact flatbed cutting plotter, model CFL-605RT, in February, 2015. The CFL-605RT supports material sizes up to A2 extra and has a variety of functions including eccentric, tangential, and reciprocating cuttings and creasing.

The use of digital on-demand UV inkjet printing has increased for creating original customized goods in response to an increase in high-mix low-volume demands in the market. The new CFL-605RT is designed with Mimaki’s well-established technology, and supports on-demand production by multiple functions, including cutting and creasing. The CFL-605RT delivers efficient sample and package production. The combination of the CFL-605RT and LED UV inkjet printer UJF-6042 delivers the whole process for the original goods production of samples or small-lot orders by printing onto goods and package materials, and cutting cushioning materials.

* The UJF-6042 is sold separately.

◎Product outlines

The multifunction plotter strongly supports digital on-demand production
・Eccentric cut
・Tangential cut
・Reciprocating cut

The combination of CFL-605RT and UJF-6042 achieves package fabrication on-demand
Use in combination with the UJF-6042 achieves on-demand production of the original goods by providing the whole production process, including printing onto goods and packages, and cutting of cushioning materials.
* UJF-6042 is sold separately.

◎Main features

1. On-demand production supporting functions are packed in one compact plotter unit!

1) Eccentric cutter
Maximum cutting thickness: 1 mm *1
Materials are properly cut with an optimal downforce setting between 30 and 1,000 g.

2) Tangential cutter
Maximum cutting thickness: 2 mm *1
The tangential cutter accepts material thickness of up to 2 mm with high downforce pressure. Reflective vinyl or rubber sheets are also applicable.

3) Reciprocating cutter
Maximum cutting thickness: 10 mm *1
A blade cuts thick materials such as foam or cardboard by vertical reciprocating motion.

4) Creasing roller
The roller creases materials and enables the creation of a perfect package. Downforce pressures are adjustable from 500 to 1,500 g depending on the material.

Eccentric cutter, Reciprocating cutter, Creasing roller
*1: Please note that an applicable range of cutting thickness may slightly vary depending on materials.

2. The combination of CFL-605RT and UJF-6042 broadens the range of on-demand package production.

Conventionally, there were many work processes to create the package that suits a product. You would ask an outside contractor to create the package, and it would take a long time to complete the work because of misunderstandings, distance, time differences, etc.
The combination of CFL-605RT and UJF-6042 offers a total solution not only for printing on a product but also for the design and creation of product/cushion packaging. This combination delivers effective high-mix low-volume production and significantly shortens the lead time for prototype creation and small lot production by on-demand fabrication.

LED UV flatbed inkjet printer UJF-6042
The UJF-6042 is a flatbed UV inkjet printer and capable of printing on objects as well as on the package materials up to A2 size.

For example, printing on USB memory and creating packaging

Direct printing decoration onto a USB me memory with UJF-6042.

Printing the design on a coated cardboard sheet with UJF-6042, and then cutting the sheet with CFL-605RT.

Cutting a foam material with CFL-605RT.

Production is finished.

Mimaki Australia will be displaying the new CFL-605RT at:
Tuesday 24th to Friday 27th March
9.00am to 5.00pm
Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre

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