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Here is a product we never in our wildest dreams thought that we would be manufacturing in the Brisbane SCODY factory. But like a lot of other businesses around the country, and the world, here at SCODY we have found ourselves in a unique situation. As an organisation that relies primarily on people purchasing our products in order to compete at sporting events, we have seen a decline in orders. So, in order to keep our core group of staff in business and to help to keep our clients safe, we have brought you... SCODY Face Masks.

The SCODY masks have been designed from the viewpoint of a sports apparel manufacturer to make people look as good, as it is possible to look, wearing a mask. The mask is suitable for everyone and has been inspired to help people exercising. SCODY CEO Bernard remarked “ I had just read an article about the spray of germs from people exercising and while out jogging on the river I noticed how many people were out and the unavoidable proximity of people to each other while exercising. We want our customers exercising and we want them to be safe. The seed was sown. A mask to exercise in.” Please note that the SCODY masks are not medical grade masks and should not be used in high risk situations. They are designed to protect you and your fellow exercisers by containing your spray, coughs, and sneezes. They may also help you to avoid touching your face. The fabrics used in the SCODY masks have anti-microbial properties and the masks are washable. Masks are made with two layers of fabric to allow for the insertion of a filter between the layers if desired (filter not supplied with product).

Masks can be purchased online at

Masks are also available to be customised for your company or team. If you are interested in ordering masks with your own design and branding please send an enquiry to The minimum order quantity for custom masks is 20.

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