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Supports A2 size & 150 mm height
to provide higher image quality than ever before

A variety of different materials from plastics, glass, and metals can now be printed onto many applications.
Using a unique ball screw type conveyance mechanism to produce higher resolution prints. The 1,800 x 1,800 dpi, variable dot technology, with minimum drop size of 4pl, achieves impressive high quality images.

The UJF-6042, allows you to print on promotional products, awards and gift merchandise along with industrial components and accessories.

UJF-6042 RRP AU$49,995


UJF-6042 Spec

Production Example of UJF-6042

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UJF-6042:3D lenticular   UJF-6042:Nameplate (Full-color)   UJF-6042Nameplate (Etching)   PUJF-6042Card
3D lenticular   Nameplate (Full-color)   Nameplate (Etching)   Card
UJF-6042Membrane switch   UJF-6042Photo album   UJF-6042Wedding board   UJF-6042Gift & novelty
Membrane switch   Photo album   Wedding board   Gift & novelty


Gifts &
Novelties Industrial
Print Packaging Cards Proofs &

Corresponding Ink

UV-Curable LH-100 UV-Curable LF-140 UV-Curable LF200 Inkjet primer PR100 Inkjet primer PR200
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