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UV LED curing technology:


Simultaneous white over and underprinting:

As UV LED does not generate excessive heat,
printing on heat-sensitive material becomes possible.
  2 staggered heads arrangement enables simultaneous printing.
White over and underprinting achieves the same speed as color printing.
UV LED curing technology   Simultaneous white over and underprinting


Environmentally friendly technology:

UV LED offers decisive energy savings, longer diode lifetime and a close to no VOC* emitting printing environment.
* VOC = Volatile Organic Compounds

Compact & easy introduction:

UJF-3042FX is the most affordable flatbed tabletop printer that is just the right size to be placed into any office.

UJF-3042FX RRP AU$29,995

UJF-3042FX Spec


Gifts &
Novelties Awards &
Trophies Industrial
Print Packaging Cards Proofs &

Corresponding Ink

UV-Curable LH-100 UV-Curable LF-140 UV-Curable LF200 Inkjet primer PR100
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