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Mimaki continues to make new advances and developments in the sign industry, and is proud to unveil a new standard for sign manufacturers; Solvent UV.

It specializes in printing on "solvent media" such as PVC films and banner materials, thus meeting solvent ink users' desire for “a little more here”

  • Advanced ink technology
  • Scratch resistance that everyone desires
  • Improved drying & UV curing devices for vivid color & strong scratchability

Feature of JV400SUV

  • Newly developed high-speed print heads
  • Multiple drop sizes with a minimum size of 4 pl
  • Nozzle Recovery Function
  • UISS (Uninterrupted Ink Supply System)
  • Eco-cartridge method

JV400-130SUV RRP AU$27,995
JV400-160SUV RRP AU$29,995


Signage &
Display Commercial
Print POS Display Window Graphics Vehice Wrapping Cutting Sheet Sticker Labels &

Corresponding Ink

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