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Max Speed 60m2/h. Powerful combination of Speed and Quality.

For amazing speed, the JFX500-2131 is equipped with Mimaki’s latest print head and UV LED technology.
Mimaki’s exclusive head control technology delivers an amazing high print quality.
This combination of "Speed" and "High quality" are essential for large format printers.
Both of them indeed come true in the newly released JFX500-2131!


The JFX500-2131 sets a milestone in design and performance from Mimaki, offering a newly developed print head, UV ink and advanced UV LED curing features.

» Faster!
Maximum print speed of 60m2/h color printing.
» Higher quality print!
Mimaki offers a precise head movement control feature that produces exceptional high resolution image quality.
» More reliable!
Equipped with white ink circulation and ink degassing module that enhance operation stability.
» User-friendly!
Operations and command functions are easy to understand.
» ECO-friendly!
Uses long lasting LEDs, resulting in less power consumption and reduces waste by offering a refillable 2 liter ink system vs. disposable cartridges.

JFX500-2131 RRP AU$179,995
(excluding ink / delivery / installation)

JFX500-2131 Spec


Signage &
Display Commercial
Print POS Display Gifts &
Novelties Industrial
Print Building
Material Packaging Cards Proofs &

Corresponding Ink

UV-Curable LH-100 UV-Curable LUS-150 UV-Curable LUS-200 Inkjet primer PR100 Inkjet primer PR200
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