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The new UJF-3042MkII is the successor model to the UJFUJF-3042FX/HG.

UJF-3042MkII is advanced flatbed UV-curable inkjet printer that create high-value-added product, achieve superior productivity and print quality, and have a greater ability to accommodate a wide range of application.

  • Approximately 20% faster print speed than with conventional models.
    The best-in-class productivity delivers effective on-demand print production

    - The UJF-3042MkII and the UJF-6042MkII models achieve a maximum print speed of 2.48 m2/h (*1) and 3.52 m2/h (*2). The best-in-class productivity exhibits an approximately 20% (*3) faster print speed than that of conventional models and support on-demand print production.
    - Staggered printhead arrangement allows printing process and spot colors simultaneously.
    *1: 38 A4 size* images per hour / Print conditions: 4-color, draft mode, 600 × 600 dpi, 8Pass 
    *2: 52 A4 size* images per hour / Print conditions: 6-color, draft mode, 600 × 600 dpi, 8Pass
     *A4 size: 210 x 297 mm (8.27 x 11.7 in)
    *3: Applicable print mode is 'standard'.

  • Advanced mechanical structure improves value-added print products
    - Unlike conventional models, the print table moves during printing to reduce printer unit vibration. The table is precisely controlled to improve ink dot placement.
    - Direct printing on objects of up to 153 mm in thickness.
    - Fully covered print table improves printer safety by preventing accidents involving operation contact with the printer carriage. It also maintains print quality by reducing dust adhesion.

  • High-performance inks expand the range of applications
    - The flexible LUS-120 ink can print on soft materials including leather or polyurethane.
    - The LUS-150 ink adheres very well to various materials especially to acrylic. Examples of ideal applications are indoor signs, trophies.
    - The inkjet primer PR-200 increases ink adhesion to glass, metal, resin, and other materials with surface treatment.
    - Mimaki Clear Control (MCC) can create embossed printing by utilizing a clear varnish ink. The beautiful and unique print finish adds value to the final product.

  • Mimaki's unique print-quality management enhances color representation
    - Mimaki Expand Color is preset in RasterLink6 (*4) and it delivers upgraded color representation with more vibrant solid color or brighter skin tones.
    - Mimaki's unique printhead control techniques, including the Mimaki Advanced Pass Ssytem4 (MAPS4), variable dot printing and waveform control, deliver print results of exceptional quality.
    *4: Mimaki genuine RIP software

  • Maintenance functions ensure worry-free print operation
    - Nozzle check unit (NCU)*5 automatically detects clogged nozzles and performs cleaning; moreover, the nozzle recovery system (NRS) uses only good nozzles as substitute if the clogged nozzles are not recovered after cleaning. These functions allow constant printing and reduce waste printing due to defective nozzles.
    - Mimaki circulation technology (MCT) is used in the white-ink tank and channels and it circulates white ink at regular intervals to prevent pigment sedimentation that leads to nozzle malfunction.
    *5: NCU is a standard feature of UJF-6042MkII, and an optional feature of UJF-3042MkII.



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UV-Curable LH-100 UV-Curable LUS-120 UV-Curable LUS-150 Inkjet primer PR200
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