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High Quality & High Performance

UJF-7151 plus
  • Mechanical structure for high-precision printing
    ・Unlike conventional models, a print table moves during printing for reducing printer unit vibration.
    ・Two ball screws are installed on both sides of the table to facilitate its movement.

  • Mimaki’s superior print-image quality control technology
    ・Mimaki Advanced-pass system 4 (MAPS4) reduces banding and uneven color printing.
    ・Mimaki Fine Diffusion 1 (MFD1), a patented dithering technique, is incorporated in the Mimaki RIP RasterLink 6 software.

  • Maximum 3.3m2/h productivity*
    ・Maximum printing speed. By reaching approximately twice the speed of previous models, it achieves approximately 2.6 times the productivity of competing printers in its class.
    ・The print area expands to 710 × 510 mm (28 × 20 in), enabling printing of size 636 × 469 mm (25 × 18.5 in); which is often used for screen printing.

  • Uninterrupted printing solutions
    ・Realizes high-stability printing through an ink-circulating mechanism within the head.
    ・”NCU” automatically detects missing jets for cleaning. When cleaning fails, “NRS” automatically sets a replacement nozzle and restarts printing. This minimizes the loss of raw materials due to missing jets and automatically continues production at high quality.

*Print conditions:600 × 600 dpi; 8 Pass

UJF-7151 plus

Production Example of UJF-7151 plus

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UJF-6042:3D lenticular   UJF-6042:Nameplate (Full-color)   UJF-6042Nameplate (Etching)   PUJF-6042Card
3D lenticular   Nameplate (Full-color)   Nameplate (Etching)   Card
UJF-6042Membrane switch   UJF-6042Photo album   UJF-6042Wedding board   UJF-6042Gift & novelty
Membrane switch   Photo album   Wedding board   Gift & novelty


Gifts &
Novelties Industrial
Print Packaging Cards Proofs &

Corresponding Ink

UV-Curable LH-100 UV-Curable LUS-120 Inkjet primer PR200
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