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High productivity and high weatherability Inkjet print signage


High-speed LED-UV printing with unrivaled beauty.
Combination of high speed and quality printing enable to shorten the delivery time and increase business opportunity.

  • A maximum print speed of 60 m2/h can be achieved. Even when using white ink, high speed printing of 24 m2/h is possible.(for LUS-150 ink)
  • Since UV inks dry immediately when exposed to UV light, no drying time is required. This dramatically improves work efficiency for the user.
  • “LUS-150” ink which employs white and is designed for wide media applications is also available. White ink is ideal for use in window graphics and with other clear substrates.
  • The new UV ink type ”LUS-200” ensures outdoor durability. The flexibility of 200% enables installing on curved surfaces such as vehicle wraps.
  • Environmentally-friendly UV printing generates little VOCs. Curing is performed with a power-saving and long-lasting LED UV lamp.

UJV500-160 RRP AU$139,995

UJV500-160 spec

Production Example of UJV500-160

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UJV500-160:Example 1   UJV500-160:Example 2   UJV500-160:Example 3   UJV500-160:Example 4
Example 1   Example 2   Example 3   Example 4


Signage &
Display Window Graphics Vehice Wrapping Building

Corresponding Ink

UV-Curable LUS-120 UV-Curable LUS-150 UV-Curable LUS-200
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